Tripura Bamboo and Cane Development Centre (TRIBAC)

TRIBAC is an innovative institutional CIBART promoted organization – a model which provides community groups in Tripura with a stake in livelihood development implementation. Since its inception in 2003, the community owned institution, has created a strong local support network of community groups and development professionals that have enabled implementation of bamboo programmes in the state. The model has potential for replication, across India and other countries…more

From 2005, TRIBAC’s mainly works through a Common Facility Centre at Gandhigram with land and a building leased from the State Government. Here, TRIBAC provides local artisans with training and capacity building for bamboo product production and enterprise development.

The Centre is equipped with rolling, scenting, colouring, mat painting and packaging facilities for artisans to value add and make agarbatti sticks and bamboo mats. These are supplied directly to the market through trade fairs; agarbatti production capacity has increased to 3 tons per month. TRIBAC has also provided training in Assam and Meghalaya.

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