Tissue culture micro labs

Conventional tissue culture labs need substantial investments. CIBART has developed a ready-to-use plant tissue culture lab along with a power source – all inside a standard shipping container. The technology/processes are much the same and it is operational within the container on site. This lab will provide 100,000 plants annually in its location and beyond since it can be mounted on a trailer. and can make modern agriculture ubiquitous. CIBART is providing a supporting ecosystem through training of staff in lab management, supply of mother cultures and operational protocols, which includes technical support, handholding, to one lab in Uttar Pradesh and another in Madagascar. The labs are available in two configurations and their capacities may be increased with additional modules… Advantages

• Reduce tissue culture technology learning curve
• Small and marginal farmers can produce tissue culture plants in quantity
• Women and youth-maintained hardening and nursery enterprises
• Farmers can grow bamboo biomass in available non-agriculture land
• Containerized labs contribute to climate change mitigation and towards the fulfillment of India’s INDC commitment to the Paris Agreement on Climate Change under which it is committed to planting several million hectares.

• Large labs can transport rooted cultures or net-pots without mortality at lower cost than present
• Shipping labs full of cultures of plants for further multiplication, and rooted plants ready to be weaned and out-planted. This will get the whole cycle started right-away. Might be possible in 30 days shipping routes.

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