Technical Reports

Biomass availability for rural electrification In Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh

Utthan – Centre for Sustainable Development & Poverty Alleviation used large- scale bamboo plantation for bio-remediation of degraded soils using an integrated watershed approach and bamboo plantation on field bunds rehabilitated the area. CIBART conducted a study on setting up a biomass power plant in Allahabad using bamboo available in the surrounding area from farmers who grow bamboo in UTTHAN's operational area and subsequently a biomass power plant was set up in Allahabad

Diagnostic study on artisan skills and baseline survey on resource availability in Mandi, Himachal Pradesh

CIBART conducted a baseline survey of the quality of bamboo and useable varieties in district Mandi, Himachal Pradesh. The survey included a study of the skill level of bamboo artisans and needed investments for upgrading the skills of local artisans to increase livelihood opportunities and enhance their socio economic development.

Bamboo resource mapping in the Western Ghats, Maharashtra

CIBART mapped bamboo resources (species, applications and uses) in specified areas of the Western Ghats. KONBAC facilitated the study supported by Tata Trusts in bamboo clusters/projects where their Tata Trusts partners have projects. The study examined realities on the ground, and the possible impacts of planned interventions in the context of local socio-economic situations. The study examined successful and other initiatives; machinery used, bamboo processing techniques, involvement...

Bamboo resource mapping in two districts of South Gujarat

Bamboo resource mapping was done in South Gujarat as part of the Bamboo Livelihood Business Enterprise project. The study evaluated existing bamboo resources and identified potential usage within the project area since bamboo plantations need to be area specific as certain species are better for products made locally. The study examined introduction of high quality species and also identified infrastructure needs for training facilities, treatment plant and production facilities.

Bamboo resource mapping in four districts of Eastern Uttar Pradesh: A baseline report

CIBART conducted the baseline study of bamboo resources exist in farming lands in four districts - Bahraich, Barabanki, Faizabad and Shravasti – and developed a database of farmers growing bamboo in eleven districts in Eastern Uttar Pradesh. The report concluded that with awareness, farmers can increased land productivity by intercropping, restore wastelands and abandoned farmlands and be integrated into government programmes which are promoting bamboo plantation.

Bamboo artisans in Eastern Uttar Pradesh

CIBART conducted a study using a sample of 160 artisans from three districts of Uttar Pradesh; Bahraich, Shravasti and Gorakhpur to collect baseline data. The families make small bamboo handicrafts and sell the products in local markets at a minimum cost. Handicraft making has become a part time activity since it does not cover living expenses. They are forced to work as wage labourers in agricultural field and women artisans face difficulties in self-employment. The report concluded that artisans need to be included in government handicrafts programmes where training is provided on new technologies and bamboo is available at a lower cost.

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