Rural Electrification

A biomass gasifier converts solid fuel such as wood waste, saw dust, bamboo waste, agro-residue briquettes into a gaseous fuel through a thermo chemical process and the resultant gas can be used for heat and power generation applications. A Pyro Gasifier is used primarily for generation of charcoal and gas generated is a byproduct and can be used for power/process heat application. In this model, upto 40% of biomass by weight is converted into high grade charcoal and the process totally eliminates any adverse environmental impact. Charcoal has a calorific value of more than 5,000 kCals/Kg, an extremely good and marketable fuel, can be used for smokeless cooking.

Centre for Indian Bamboo Resource and Technology (CIBART) piloted a Pyro-Gasifier of 20 kWe (gross peak) capacity in Abu Road, Rajasthan, to test the production of char/ charcoals which are ideally suited for production of activated carbon for various water and chemical treatment process and to test the production of high quality combustible gas that could be used for power generation for running the HHC pulverizing and briquetting machine in no electricity villages as the beneficiaries of this project have been living without electricity for years.

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