Introduction of new species

Bamboo plantations need different climatic conditions for different species. Most require irrigation but drought-resistant species like Bambusa blumeana and are suitable for dry areas. In high rain-fed areas, D. asper, G. Ieois row better. The ideal area to grow bamboo should be moist, have well-drained sand, loam or clay loam soil, which is not very acidic or alkaline and is high in organic matter and nutrients. Land along streams, riverbanks and hillsides, which is not suitable for crop cultivation can be planted with bamboos. Bamboo flowers infrequently and a high percentage of seeds are infertile, therefore, they are not used for planting: Vegetative propagation , tissue culture methods are the preferred choice for bamboo plantations.

South Gujarat
In South Gujarat, local bamboos had flowered and bamboo was not available for household needs and commercial use was restricted. CIBART introduced a new species, Bambusa balcooa (Beema–a tissue culture variety), which grows up to a height of 25-30 feet on maturity; it is a strong bamboo, good biomass, and suitable for house construction and for sale to paper mills. It has considerable demand in the local market for various uses and plantation can help farmers earn extra income. CIBART facilitated bamboo growing in areas near households; industrial and institutional plantations were also promoted. Dendrocalamus brandsii seedlings from Coorg, Karnataka, were brought to Dangs District, Gujarat and planted in poly bags and soil beds. The Dangs district has the humidity and rain fall required for this species to grow. (Read about the project)

Uttar Pradesh
CIBART procured rhizomes of species with multiple applications – Dendrocalamus longipathus, Bambusa pallida, Bambusa tulda, Bambusa bambos, Bambusa balcooa and Bambusa tulda and over 26,000 bamboo plants were distributed to farmers who wished to grow them on model plots and nurseries on their lands. (Read about the project)

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