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CIBART is looking for funding support from CSR initiatives for its model plot in Greater Noida which addresses airborne dust, fly ash, water, soil pollution in peri-urban Delhi-NCR using the fast growing, most productive woody bamboo that is resilient to the same climatic conditions which are the bane of agriculture.

Bamboo plants will be produced in 20 and 40 ft micro tissue culture labs in shipping containers; and nurseries in Delhi NCR thus providing employment to both young women and men.

Bamboo plantations grown on farmers lands with leased/buyback arrangements. The bamboo grown will be tall and bushy and acts as shelter belts and dust traps and also absorb Volatile Organic Compounds as do most green plants. Bamboo-chicken, bamboo-banana, bamboo-tuberous crops agro-forestry will be practiced to widen food production; bamboo leaves used as feed and fodder for chicken, goats and other livestock, etc. Enhances value of living bamboo. to demonstrate sustainable farming practices. Mature bamboo poles cut (no deforestation) and utilized in furniture production, construction, bamboo boats and other processing enterprises using proven technologies with linkage to markets. Enterprise and livelihood development with participation of the youth.

Producing and using a proven composite fertilizer (up to 5x) using sewage sludge and fly ash (a major cause of air pollution) and treated wastewater for its bamboo plantation in partnership with STP units and thermal power plants which generate fly ash.

With larger scale bamboo/biomass production, produce bamboo and agri-waste (normally burnt) and tender coconut shells (which end up in landfills) briquettes for industries substituting fossil fuels; produce power using a biomass gasifier; and feedstock for 2G-BioCNG.produce panel boards, 2G-CNG, etc.

Producing 10-20% high quality charcoal as a by-product of power production using biomass gasifiers. This carbon is permanently sequestered CO2 from the atmosphere and is verifiable and less expensive than any other form of carbon capture. CO2 sequestration on a temporary basis also takes place in plantations. Activated carbon production by use of pure bamboo in biomass gasifiers, which is used in RO filters etc.

In addition to the above, CIBART will also have a workshop for developing, prototyping and furniture (laminate, round pole and round pole) and building and construction products (prefab and resorts). The CIBART group has constructed numerous resorts houses and other structures. As farmers, corporate and policy makers see the viability of CIBART’s rural-urban model, this inclusive approach could scale up into a mosaic of productive and protective farmed shelterbelts around Delhi-NCR with real economic and environmental benefits to both the rural and urban people.

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