Capacity Building and Training

Training for skill improvement improves quality of traditional products such as handicrafts and basic furniture. Advanced training programmes provide artisans with skills in semi-mechanized production of quality furniture and building interior products as well as construction of cottages, gazebos and structures for eco-tourist villages. In addition to numerous trainings pan India for handicrafts, various types of furniture and construction, structural , prefab building components, CIBART has completed India’s first training cum production activity for a bamboo bridge in Himachal Pradesh and another first is a similar activity for bamboo boats in Uttar Pradesh (the government purchased 18 of the 19 boats made during this training). Since CIBART has piloted panel board and laminate furniture, training activities for production of these will begin shortly

In addition to pioneering training cum production activities in: 1) bamboo bridge making in Himachal Pradesh; 2) bamboo toilets in Uttar Pradesh and Himachal Pradesh; and 3) bamboo boats in Uttar Pradesh (the government purchased 18 of the 19 boats made for flood relief), CIBART has trained over 950 Kotwalia tribal artisans in Gujarat in bamboo furniture making, about 370 artisans in bamboo structure making, over 800 rural artisans in bamboo crafts and furniture making in Maharashtra, about 550 artisans in bamboo structures in Maharashtra, over 1,000 rural artisans in bamboo crafts making and around 360 artisans in bamboo furniture production in Himachal Pradesh, about 100 artisans in bamboo furniture making in Uttar Pradesh, and over 3,000 women in agarbatti production in Tripura. CIBART has conducted a total of 538 trainings, of which 180 were related to furniture making and construction.

CIBART’s has completed advanced training of trainer (ToT) programmes for master craftsmen in construction and furniture products. These were conducted in the CIBART facilities in Gujarat. Modules are available for handicrafts, too.

CIBART focuses on three major components in training: 1) Capacity building of artisans using the common facility centre (CFC) approach; 2) Developing prototypes of a variety of diverse bamboo products and training local rural communities to make them; and 3) linkages and market tie-ups that are aimed at enterprise development through various government departments and development institutions for sale of furniture, crafts and other products. The Centre also aims to create a new generation of bamboo artisans and has many first time woman earners CFCs.

Training categories
• Handicrafts
• Furniture making
• Panel board and laminate furniture
• Gazebos, buildings and cottages
• Large bamboo prefab components and structure erection
• Bamboo boats
• Incense sticks
• Bamboo charcoal and briquettes
• Bamboo pencils and matchsticks
• Products with specific local applications – vertical produce storage units
(250 kg), bamboo toilets and structures for irrigation.

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