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Technology-transfer-training -marketing are key components for India to truly harness the potential of bamboo. The Centre for Indian Bamboo Resource and Technology (CIBART) has demonstrated expertise in all these areas through eight common facility centres, six of which are self-supporting and operating in an enterprise mode, in five states.

CIBART has established common facility centres for bamboo furniture making in Maharashtra, Himachal Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh and Gujarat. All these centres have training and production facilities. Four centres in Gujarat are self-supporting. School desks have found acceptance in government schools, furniture and cottages are purchased by private individuals/companies, eco-tourist villages have been developed for the government, and a retail outlet sells handicrafts and made to order products.

In Maharashtra, several facilities have developed into self-sustaining institutional ecosystems which can develop, design, prototype and produce premium bamboo products for Indian and international markets and link poor bamboo producers to larger lucrative markets.

In Tripura, a community owned institution has created a strong local support network of community groups and development professionals that enable implementation of bamboo programmes in the state.

In floodplain areas of Uttar Pradesh, CIBART’s training cum production centre, bamboo boats helped save lives and a government order has been received for boats to be deployed in flood prone areas. Other products with local applications have also been developed and monthly training is ongoing.

The CFCs are equipped with machinery, mechanized, power and hand tools according to the product each specializes in. However, all have bamboo treatment plants, cross cut machines, knot cum skin removing machines, thick and thin slicers, width slicers, chain splitting machines (varying lengths), bamboo application machines, bamboo turning lathe machines, polishing and finishing machines.

Together, the CFCs have 212 full time employees (many of them women who are first time earners); 500 others work in an enterprise mode. In addition to production to orders, these CFCs conduct training programmes for artisans from all over India in crafts, furniture and structure making. These centres allow exposure visits to various stakeholders in the bamboo sector, design and architectural learning centres, government departments and NGOs.

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