Bamboo charcoal, briquettes and rural electricity

CIBART’s pilot in Gujarat and Rajasthan showed that charcoal collection and briquetting activities are livelihood opportunities. CIBART used a biomass gasifier of 20 kWe (gross peak) capacity to convert solid fuel such as wood waste, saw dust, bamboo waste, agro-residue briquettes into a gaseous fuel through a thermo chemical process and the resultant gas was used for heat and power generation applications. The 20 KW pyro-gasifier was able to produce char/charcoal which can be converted into activated carbon for water and chemical treatment processes. The gasifier simultaneously produced high quality combustible gas that was used for power generation to support electricity needs.

Studies show a Naga community has now replaced traditional hardwood charcoal with locally made bamboo briquettes and demand for briquettes outstrips supply, despite the establishment of over 30 household units in this community. A modified thermal gassifier installed has an output of 625 tons of charcoal using 2,500 tons of bamboo. If combined with a boiler and small steam generator, up to 50 KW of electricity can be produced from the waste producer gas.

Scaling up honeycomb bamboo charcoal production will provide energy, and livelihood security through industrial use bamboo charcoal, due to its high absorption properties.

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