From raising plantations to industrialized production
CIBART adds value to bamboo

CIBART builds on an information base and expertise derived from integrated research leading to capacity building projects in several countries focused on holistic sustainable development using bamboo, from 1979. It has collective technical experience of 71 years in working with bamboo and comprises of state specific non-profit and for-profit companies, employing 1,024 people mainly bamboo artisans, which work together and individually in a federated mode in resource generation, utilization and value-added production for the benefit of poor rural communities. It is the largest group working with bamboo in India; and has provided South-South technical assistance to INBAR projects in Ethiopia, Madagascar and Tanzania.

CIBART's resource to market approach creates a complete link between farmers, harvesters, processors, artisans and market demand. CIBART identifies market demand and uses appropriate resource, management practices, and then technologies, to build capacities of artisans to produce market driven products. The success of this approach is due to linkages with the private sector and in projects where farmers work more closely with the private sector.. More


Mapping and Inventory Assessments

CIBART maps bamboo resources (species, applications and uses) since lack of resource data prevents more extensive use of bamboo. Assessments are made at village, hamlet and block levels on quantity, quality, age-classifications, price, applications, availability, supply feasibility and logistics of different bamboo species from farm and forest areas.


Bamboo Resource Generation

CIBART’s plantation programmes begin with offsite/onsite tissue culture propagation of geo-appropriate species in homesteads and commercial plantations for increasing traditional artisanal production occupations, industrial production of bamboo products for high-end applications that have increasing demand in global markets and biomass for rural electrification and SCP fuels such as bio CNG.


Capacity Building and Training

CIBART’s capacity building and training programmes aim to: increase utilization of bamboo to generate incomes for poor rural communities; enhance capabilities; train farmers to build their resilience using bamboo in the face of crop failure; and to train artisans to design, develop and produce, using cutting edge bamboo processing technologies and equipment, products can compete globally..


Common Facility Centres

CIBART brings technologies, experts, tools, machines and processes together to rural communities and creates model financially viable economic activities that produce handicrafts, furniture and structures. Here workshops are conducted on machinery operations and product design and development. The centres help artisans enhance traditional artisanal skills; adopt new technologies; and develop innovative market driven products.



The Centre conducts, consolidates and adapts research to create new applications for bamboo that address opportunities to increase resource based production that address livelihoods, renewable energy, disaster risk reduction and climate change mitigation through bamboo afforestation.


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